Laurent Truffet

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Haar's Lemma (1918) deals with the algebraic characterization of the inclusion of polyhedral sets. This Lemma has been involved many times in automatic control of linear dynamical systems via positive invariance of poly-hedrons. More recently, it has been used to characterize stochastic comparison w.r.t. linear/integral ordering of Markov (reward) chains.(More)
The emergy algebra is based on four rules which use is sometimes confusing or reserved only to the experts of the domain. The emergy computation does not obey conservation logic (i.e. emergy computation does not obey Kirchoff-like circuit law). In this paper the authors propose to reformulate the emergy rules into four axioms which provide an exact(More)
In this paper, we discuss the comparison of expected rewards for discrete-time reward Markov chains with different state spaces. Necessary and sufficient conditions for such a comparison are derived. Due to the special nature of the introduced binary relation, a criterion may be formulated in terms of an inclusion of polyhedral sets. Then, algebraic and(More)