Laurent Thévenard

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According to optimal foraging theory, spiders should adapt their web building to environmental variations. Until now, there was no data on the influence of simultaneous information coming from different environmental factors on web building behaviour. Under laboratory conditions, we studied the behaviour of Zygiella x-notata in the presence of prey,(More)
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer measurements were performed on a ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)As thin film. We report Curie temperature (Tc) up to 142 K in annealed 200 nm GaMnAs layer. This result is remarkable and comparable with the Tc obtained in GaMnAs for small thicknesses t < 50 nm. Our result reveals the high quality of the sample albeit the presence of 3(More)
Mesoscopic transport measurements reveal a large effective phase coherence length in epitaxial GaMnAs ferromagnets, contrary to usual 3d-metal ferromagnets. Universal conductance fluctuations of single nanowires are compared for epilayers with a tailored anisotropy. At large magnetic fields, quantum interferences are due to structural disorder only, and an(More)
The magnetic domain structure and magnetic properties of a ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)As epilayer with perpendicular magnetic easy-axis are investigated. We show that, despite strong hysteresis, domain theory at thermodynamical equilibrium can be used to determine the micromagnetic parameters. Combining magneto-optical Kerr microscopy, magnetometry and(More)
In Permalloy submicron triangles, configurational anisotropy a higher-order form of shape anisotropy yields three equivalent easy axes, imposed by the structures’ symmetry order. Supported by micromagnetic simulations, an experimental method was devised to evaluate the nanostructure dimensions for which a Stoner-Wohlfarth type of reversal could be used to(More)
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