Laurent Tardif

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The Scalable Vector Graphics format SVG is already substantially improving graphics delivery on the web, but some important issues still remain to be addressed. In particular, SVG does not support client-side adaption of documents to different viewing conditions, such as varying screen sizes, style preferences or different device capabilities. Based on our(More)
This paper discusses the interface needs for the emergence of new authoring tools for the creation of multimedia documents. We think that it is possible to break down the specify-and-run process of most existing tools to have more direct editing functions close to a " wysiwyg " approach. After identifying the requirements of direct editing for mul-timedia(More)
In constraint based authoring tools, one of the major issues is to provide efficient constraint solvers in term of time performances and solution quality. The solver has a central position in this kind of authoring environments. In this paper, some important requirements implied by multimedia authoring process are described. This study intends to provide a(More)
This paper presents Smily an authoring environment to write Smil documents. The main feature of Smily is to strongly integrate the presentation view, in which the document is executed, to the editing process. In this view objects can be selected to perform a wide set of editing actions from attributes setting to direct spatial or temporal editions. This way(More)