Laurent Tardif

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This paper presents Smil‐Editor – an authoring environment to write multimedia documents encoded in SMIL. The main feature of Smil‐Editor is to strongly integrate the presentation view, in which the document is executed, with the editing process. In this view objects can be selected to perform a wide set of editing actions ranging from attributes setting to(More)
The new French case-mix system of hospital payment was adopted in 2004 for public hospitals and in March 2005 for private-for-profit hospitals. Implementing this reform requires a period of transition but the challenges ahead can already be predicted. Prices will have to change before this mode of reimbursement can have any real impact. This requires(More)
This paper introduces Kaomi, a scalable toolkit for designing authoring environments of multimedia documents. The underlying concept is to provide the designer of multimedia applications with a fast method to get an authoring system based on a set of synchronized views (the presentation view for displaying the document, the scenario view for showing the(More)
This paper discusses the interface needs for the emergence of new authoring tools for the creation of multimedia documents. We think that it is possible to break down the specify-and-run process of most existing tools to have more direct editing functions close to a ”wysiwyg” approach. After identifying the requirements of direct editing for multimedia(More)
Laurent Tardif Fluxmedia Montbonnot, France web email ABSTRACT The XSLT language is both complex in simple cases (such as attribute renaming or element hiding) and restricted in complex cases (complex information flows require processing multiple stylesheets). We propose a framework which improves on(More)
Authoring a multimedia document requires to specify both its spatial layout and its temporal organization, i.e. when and where objects such as pictures, texts and videos appear/disappear on /from the screen and when objects such as audios and videos start/end to play. In this paper, we present some benefits authors can gain when using an authoring tool in(More)
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