Laurent Sagaspe

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This paper aims at presenting methods and tools that are developed in the ISAAC project (Improvement of Safety Activities on Aeronautical Complex Systems,, a European Community funded project, to support the safety assessment of complex embedded systems. The ISAAC methodology proposes to base as much of the safety analyses as is feasibly(More)
We have studied tools and techniques to assist integrated modular avionics (IMA) platform design. We propose an approach that helps to decide whether a set of systems can be implemented on an IMA architecture while enforcing safety requirements. To support the dialogue between teams in charge of defining system architectures and the avionics architecture(More)
We propose an approach to analyse the safety of avionic systems that takes into account the impact of computation and communication resource sharing. The approach is made of three main steps: use a formal notation to describe how failures propagate in the system under study, use model-checking tools to verify safety requirements and to derive allocation(More)
Résumé. La conception et le développement de systèmes embarqués critiques sont assujettis à la fois à des objectifs économiques mais également au respect des normes de sécurité. Dès lors, la qualité des analyses de sûreté de fonctionnement et des interactions entre les experts de sûreté de fonctionnement et les équipes de développement est primordiale.(More)
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