Laurent Ratton

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A great deal of interest has been paid to target tracking for the last decades. When using Bayesian estimation algorithms, choosing relevant motion models is crucial for accurate localization. Information on the type of target and its maneuver capability can be helpful in the motion model design. Thus, joint tracking and classification (JTC) methods based(More)
In this paper, we present a method to estimate the quality (trustfulness) of the solutions of the classical optimal data association (DA) problem associated with a given source of information (also called a criterion). We also present a method to solve the multi-criteria DA problem and to estimate the quality of its solution. Our approach is new and mixes(More)
Autoregressive (AR) models are used in various applications, from speech processing to radar signal analysis. In this paper, our purpose is to extract different model subsets from a set of two or more AR models. The approach operates with the following steps: firstly the matrix composed of dissimilarity measures between AR-model pairs are created. This can(More)
Dirichlet process (DP) mixtures were recently introduced to deal with switching linear dynamical models (SLDM). They assume the system can switch between an a priori infinite number of state-space representations (SSR) whose parameters are on-line inferred. The estimation problem can thus be of high dimension when the SSR matrices are unknown. Nevertheless,(More)
This paper addresses the problem of tracking a non maneuvering target in a maritime surveillance context, under emission constraint. In such a situation, the onboard radar shall be used as few as possible, in order not to be detected. To maintain the tactical situation, it is convenient to take advantage of other non emissive sensors such as ESM. However,(More)
In this paper, single-target tracking using radar measurements is addressed. Recently, algorithms based on Bernoulli random finite sets have proved efficient in a cluttered environment. However, in Bayesian approaches, the choice of the motion model impacts the trajectory estimation accuracy. To select an appropriate set of motion models, a joint tracking(More)
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