Laurent Réveillère

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To keep up with the frantic pace at which devices come out, drivers need to be quickly developed, debugged and tested. Although a driver is a critical system component, the driver development process has made little (if any) progress. The situation is particularly disastrous when considering the hardware operating code (i.e., the layer interacting with the(More)
Multimedia stream processing is a rapidly evolving domain which requires much software development and expects high performance. Developing a streaming application often involves low-level programming , critical memory management, and finely tuned scheduling of processing steps. To address these problems, we present a domain-specific language (DSL) named(More)
—To collect software bugs found by users, development teams often setup bug trackers using systems such as Bugzilla. Developers would then fix some of the bugs and commit corresponding code changes into version control systems such as svn or git. Unfortunately, the links between bug reports and code changes are missing for many software projects as the bug(More)
Interoperability remains a significant challenge in today's distributed systems; it is necessary to quickly compose and connect (often at runtime) previously developed and deployed systems in order to build more complex systems of systems. However, such systems are characterized by heterogeneity at both the application and middleware-level, where(More)
—Interoperability remains a challenging and growing problem within distributed systems. A range of heterogeneous network and middleware protocols which cannot interact with one another are now widely used; for example, the set of remote method invocation protocols, and the set of service discovery protocols. In environments where systems and services are(More)
—Programming languages have been proposed even before the era of the modern computer. As years have gone, computer resources have increased and application domains have expanded, leading to the proliferation of hundreds of programming languages, each attempting to improve over others or to address new programming paradigms. These languages range from(More)
Web Services is an increasingly used instantiation of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that relies on standard Internet protocols to produce services that are highly interoperable. Other types of services, relying on legacy application layer protocols, however, cannot be composed directly. A promising solution is to implement wrappers to translate(More)
The secure and robust functioning of a network relies on the defect-free implementation of network applications. As network protocols have become increasingly complex, however, handwriting network message processing code has become increasingly error-prone. In this paper, we present a domain-specific language, Zebu, for describing protocol message formats(More)