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The EMA (Energy Management Adviser) aims to produce personalised energy saving advice for EDF's customers. The advice takes the form of one or more 'tips', and personalisation is achieved using semantic technologies: customers are described using RDF, an OWL on-tology provides a conceptual model of the relevant domain (housing, environment, and so on) and(More)
Elle représente environ un million de lignes de code C, pour la plupart (80%) générées automatiquement. Une version du système écrite dans son propre langage est actuellement disponible et doit permettre, à terme, de « bootstrapper » le système. Descartes ne supprime pas le cycle en V du logiciel mais le situe à un niveau d'abstraction supérieur. Ceci a(More)
Most research work in the field of automatic programming has been focused on conceptually complex problems. However, although most of the programs we are generally faced with may be very big and manage large volumes of data, they are conceptually simple. Starting from this consideration, we have developed, since 1992, a system called DESCARTES which, fully(More)