Laurent Pater

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To study the human cardiovascular system an electrical analogue has been designed. This analogue consists of two parts: An active part, the heart; and a passive part, the vessels. A fourfold pulse generator represents the action of the heart. The various parameters such as heart rate, A.V. delay, duration of systole and diastole, contraction speed and(More)
R. D., and JUSTICE, J. B. (1983): 'Model studies for brain dialysis', Brain Res. Bull., 10, pp. 567-571 KLEIN, E., HOLLAND, F. F., DONNAUO, A., LEBEOUF, A., and EBERLE, K. (1977):'Diffusive and hydraulic permeabilities of commercially available cellulosic hemodialysis films and hollow fibers', J. Membrane Sci., 2, pp. 349-364 LINDEFORS, N., AMBERG, G., and(More)
Homogenized laws for sequences of high-contrast two-phase non-symmetric conductivities perturbed by a parameter h are derived in two and three dimensions. The parameter h characterizes the antisymmetric part of the conductivity for an idealized model of a conductor in the presence of a magnetic field. In dimension two an extension of the Dykhne(More)
In this paper we determine, in dimension three, the effective conductivities of non periodic high-contrast two-phase cylindrical composites, placed in a constant magnetic field, without any assumption on the geometry of their cross sections. Our method, in the spirit of the H-convergence of Murat-Tartar, is based on a compactness result and the cylindrical(More)
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