Laurent Péret

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Abstract. In the past, Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) have become a standard for solving problems of sequential decision under uncertainty. The usual request in this framework is the computation of an optimal policy that defines the optimal action for every state of the system. For complex MDPs, exact computation of optimal policies is often untractable.(More)
Stable isotope ratios of H, C, and O are powerful indicators of a wide variety of planetary geophysical processes, and for Mars they reveal the record of loss of its atmosphere and subsequent interactions with its surface such as carbonate formation. We report in situ measurements of the isotopic ratios of D/H and (18)O/(16)O in water and (13)C/(12)C,(More)
This paper presents the problem of the management of the deployment and of the maintenance of a constellation of satellites, as it has been set by the French space agency (CNES). After an informal presentation, a more formal description, based on the Markov Decision Process (MDP) framework, is provided. Several approaches for dealing with such a problem are(More)
Decision aids provided to foresters by forest management research are generally based on deterministic models. However, different sources of randomness may affect significantly the decisions to be taken. In this preliminary study, we consider the effect of uncertainty on the tree mortality factor for the even-aged stand management problem. This problem is(More)
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