Laurent Ouzilou

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During the digestive-tract phase of infection, poliovirus (PV) is found in the oropharynx and the intestine. It has been proposed that PV enters the organism by crossing M cells, which are scattered in the epithelial sheet covering lymphoid follicles of Peyer's patches. However, PV translocation through M cells has never been demonstrated. A model of M-like(More)
A Sabin 1 strain poliovirus (PV) mutant, S1(2Y-1I), carrying a Tyr at amino acid position VP2(142) and an Ile at position VP1(160), can establish persistent infections in HEp-2c cells. This mutant forms atypical 147S particles upon interaction at 0 degrees C with either cells expressing PV receptor (PVR) CD155, or PVR-IgG2a, a chimeric molecule consisting(More)
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