Laurent Leyssenne

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In this paper, experimental characterization and modeling of inhomogeneous materials from RF, mm-Wave to THz frequencies with emphasis on anisotropic materials including Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP) and patterned silicon substrates using DT mesh are presented. Network-based broadband extraction of complex permittivity values and dissipation factors for(More)
Nowadays, mobile handsets have to deal with several challenges. First of all, a good efficiency is essential in order to save power and battery life-time. Then, to cater to multi-standards operation which provide very high data rates, strong linearity performances are mandatory, to the expense of transmit front-end efficiency. As RF Power Amplifiers (PAs)(More)
This paper explores a novel Built-in-Current Sensor (BICS) topology that handles both current detection and Delta-Sigma conversion to digital domain. This circuit is a compact solution that requires no extra block and operates transparently on the power supply. The proposed topology is flexible enough to address classic applications of failure testing(More)
This paper proposes a complementary multi-physics material analysis approach based on broadband dielectric characterization and Atomic Force Microscopy. In the prospect of integrated dielectric sensor design, this approach was applied to polymers commonly employed by various emerging technologies.
SiGe BiCMOS design solutions for Lange Couplers operating in the mm-Wave domain are proposed. Various circuit topologies are designed, fabricated, and experimentally compared in terms of their RF performances. Effect of grounding strategies and influence of DTI pattering are studied both for CPS and CPW topologies to evaluate dependence of obtained RF(More)
Anisotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) substrates are used to design 3D conformal antenna elements and filtering structures in Laser Direct Structuring technology (LDS) for applications including 5G connected objects and massive Internet of Things (IoT): e.g., wearable (smart watches/rings), mobile (smartphones/tablets), home (appliances/lighting)(More)
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