Laurent Laguerre

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Left-right asymmetries in the epithalamic region of the brain are widespread across vertebrates, but their magnitude and laterality varies among species. Whether these differences reflect independent origins of forebrain asymmetries or taxa-specific diversifications of an ancient vertebrate feature remains unknown. Here we show that the catshark(More)
In order to use nondestructive techniques (NDT) for the survey of reinforced concrete structures, it is important to show that they are able to measure the cover concrete characteristics related to its durability. For this purpose, various NDT were implemented to evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of concretes whose porosity is ranging from(More)
In order to gain insight into the impact of yolk increase on endoderm development, we have analyzed the mechanisms of endoderm formation in the catshark S. canicula, a species exhibiting telolecithal eggs and a distinct yolk sac. We show that in this species, endoderm markers are expressed in two distinct tissues, the deep mesenchyme, a mesenchymal(More)
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