Laurent Laguerre

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In the analysis of elastic waveguides, the excitability of a given mode is an important feature defined by the displacement-force ratio. Useful analytical expressions have been provided in the literature for modes with real wavenumbers (propagating modes in lossless waveguides). The central result of this paper consists in deriving a generalized expression(More)
In order to use nondestructive techniques (NDT) for the survey of reinforced concrete structures, it is important to show that they are able to measure the cover concrete characteristics related to its durability. For this purpose, various NDT were implemented to evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of concretes whose porosity is ranging from(More)
The modal analysis of wave problems of unbounded type involves a continuous sum of radiation modes. This continuum is difficult to handle mathematically and physically. It can be approximated by a discrete set of leaky modes, corresponding to improper modes growing to infinity. Perfectly matched layers (PMLs) have been widely applied in numerical methods to(More)
The interaction of guided waves with non-axisymmetric damages in cylinders is studied. A three dimensional hybrid method involving the classical Finite Element Method (FEM) and the Semi-Analytical Finite Element (SAFE) technique is developed. The damage and its near field are analysed with the standard FEM. Then, eigenmode expansions of the solutions at(More)
Abstract. The aim of this work is to study the fundamental compressional (L(0,1)) Pochhammer-Chree mode interaction with nonaxisymmetric damages in cylinders. To this end, experimental and numerical investigations of non-axisymmetric vertical cracks are considered. A non-contact magnetostrictive device is used for experimental investigations.(More)
This study is the beginning of a thesis dealing with the ability of electromagnetic methods based on waves propagation, to replace nuclear ones for measuring the compaction of bituminous mixtures. We study here the permittivity variation in function of compaction level of bituminous samples. For one part, a network analyzer with cylindrical cavities is used(More)
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