Laurent Lablonde

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In this work, the influence of photodarkening (PD) and photobleaching (PB) on the lasing features of the ytterbium-doped aluminosilicate fiber lasers is examined. Simultaneous PD and PB with 633 nm irradiation was monitored at the lasing wavelength of 1070 nm and compared with individually caused PD and PB effects. The variation of laser threshold and slope(More)
Pulsed blue light at 489 nm has been generated by second-harmonic-generation of a nanosecond pulsed master-oscillator power amplifier system based on a short Yb(3+) doped single-mode fiber amplifier at 978 nm and an external-cavity diode laser as seed source. The Yb(3+)-doped fiber was core-pumped by a W type Nd(3+) doped double-clad fiber laser operating(More)
We demonstrate a double-clad fiber laser operating at 910 nm with a record power of 20 W. Laser emission on the three-level scheme is enabled by the combination of a small inner cladding-to-core diameter ratio and a high brightness pump source at 808 nm. A laser conversion efficiency as high as 44% was achieved in CW operating regime by using resonant fiber(More)
We compared the sensitivity to X-rays of several fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) written in the standard telecommunication fiber Corning SMF28 with different techniques. Standard gratings were manufactured with phase-mask and UV lasers, continuum wave (cw) at 244 nm or pulsed in the nanosecond domain at 248 nm, in a pre-hydrogenated fiber. Others gratings were(More)
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