Laurent J Michot

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We have investigated the accumulation of nickel in a hyperaccumulating plant from the Brassicacae family Leptoplax emarginata (Boiss.) O.E. Schulz. Two supplementary hyperaccumulating plants, which have been the subject of a high number of publications, Alyssum murale Waldst. & Kit and Thlaspi caerulescens J.&C. Presl, and a nonaccumulating species Aurinia(More)
Electrophoretic mobility, pyrene fluorescence, surface tension measurements, transmission electron microscopy on resin-embedded samples, and X-ray microscopy (XRM) were combined to characterize the aggregates formed from humic colloids and hydrolyzed-Fe species under various conditions of pH and mixing. We show that, at low coagulant concentration, the(More)
This article demonstrates the occurrence of a true isotropic/nematic transition in colloidal Brownian aqueous suspensions of natural nontronite clay. The liquid-crystalline character is further evidenced by polarized light microscopy and small-angle x-ray scattering experiments in the presence and absence of modest external magnetic fields. The complete(More)
Natural Na-Wyoming montmorillonite was size fractionated by successive centrifugation. Polydisperse particles with average sizes of 400, 290, and 75 nm were then obtained. As the structural charge of the particles belonging to three fractions (determined by cationic exchange capacity measurements) is the same, such a procedure allows studying the effect of(More)
After size-selection and osmotic pressure measurements at fixed ionic strength, the behavior of aqueous colloidal suspensions of anisotropic disklike beidellite clay particles has been investigated by combining optical observations under polarized light, rheological, and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments. The obtained phase diagrams (volume(More)
We study the electric-field-induced birefringence and orientational order in the isotropic phase of aqueous suspensions of exfoliated natural beidellite clay particles, thin (L = 0.65 nm) flat charged sheets with high aspect ratio, D/L ≈ 300. Our electric birefringence experiment is optimized for aqueous suspensions of colloidal particles, with a high(More)
The phase behavior of a natural nontronite clay was studied for size-selected particles by combining osmotic pressure measurements, visual observations under polarized light, and rheological experiments. In parallel, the positional and orientational correlations of the particles were analyzed by small-angle X-ray scattering. Aqueous suspensions of(More)
Hydrous ferric oxides (HFO) are efficient sorbents for inorganic and organic pollutants and therefore have great potentials in environmental science and engineering applications. Freezing and thawing of HFO suspensions leads to the formation of dense HFO aggregates. It facilitates the handling and increases the drying rate of HFO. In this study, we used a(More)
We report Angstrom-resolved x-ray reflectivity analysis of externally polarized liquid-Hg surface in contact with molar LiCl, LiBr, and MgSO4 aqueous electrolytes. Interpretation of reflectivity curves demonstrates a dependence of Hg-surface layering on both applied potential and ion nature. It further highlights how interfacial polarization degree impacts(More)