Laurent Hardouin

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This paper deals with the model-reference control of timed event graphs using the dioid algebra and the residuation theory. It proposes a control structure based on a precompensator and a feedback controller to improve the controlled system performance. It is shown that this approach always leads to an optimal behavior of the closed-loop system. An example(More)
This paper deals with feedback controller synthesis for timed event graphs, where the number of initial tokens and time delays are only known to belong to intervals. We discuss here the existence and the computation of a robust controller set for uncertain systems that can be described by parametric models, the unknown parameters of which are assumed to(More)
This paper deals with the state estimation for maxplus linear systems. This estimation is carried out following the ideas of the observer method for classical linear systems. The system matrices are assumed to be known, and the observation of the input and of the output is used to compute the estimated state. The observer design is based on the residuation(More)
The class of discrete event dynamic systems involving only synchronization phenomena can be seen as linear time-invariant systems in a particular algebraic structure called (min,+) algebra. In the same framework, this paper deals with linear time-varying systems, that is, systems whose parameters may change as functions of time. For example, in a(More)