Laurent Guichard

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In the field of isolated handwritten word recognition, the development of verification systems that optimize the trade-off between performance and reliability is still an active research topic. To minimize the recognition errors, usually, a verification system is used to accept or reject the hypotheses output by an existing recognition system. In this(More)
Contract-of-Objectives (CoO) is designed in the context of trajectory-based Air Traffic Management (ATM), using mutually agreed objectives between Air Traffic Control (ATC), airlines and airports. This paper provides an overview of the foreseen validation of CoO and discusses the results of the first Human-in-the-Loop (HIL) evaluation of the concept of(More)
This paper describes the OpenATC project carried out to promote the free software initiative in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) community, and explains its potential benefits. The free software model has been growing in popularity for a few years, first because it was considered an excellent support for research, and then because it proved being a viable(More)
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