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The cerebellum undergoes a protracted development, making it particularly vulnerable to a broad spectrum of developmental events. Acquired destructive and hemorrhagic insults may also occur. The main steps of cerebellar development are reviewed. The normal imaging patterns of the cerebellum in prenatal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are(More)
This review focuses on the optimum use of fetal MRI as an additional imaging tool to sonographic data in posterior fossa (PF) abnormalities in the second and third trimesters of gestation. We have chosen three particular situations to demonstrate the value of MRI as a complementary investigation to US: (1) the pattern of increased fluid-filled space of the(More)
OBJECTIVES To report the efficacy of propranolol as first-line treatment of head and neck hemangiomas in children and to present an optimized protocol for treating hemangiomas. DESIGN Multi-institutional retrospective study. SETTING Two tertiary care referral pediatric centers. PATIENTS Thirty-nine children with head and neck infantile hemangiomas(More)
OBJECTIVE Sylvian fissure operculization (SFO) is a dynamic process throughout gestation and is a reliable feature of fetal cortex gyration that is amenable to prenatal ultrasound examination. This study aimed to define a subjective and reproducible method for SFO assessment. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study of the sonographic anatomy of SFO(More)
We present a segmentation method for fetal brain tissues of T2w MR images, based on the well known Expectation Maximiza-tion Markov Random Field (EM-MRF) scheme. Our main contribution is an intensity model composed of 7 Gaussian distribution designed to deal with the large intensity variability of fetal brain tissues. The second main contribution is a(More)
The modulatory role of the cerebellum was investigated in a case with rhombencephalosynapsis (RS), a rare dysplasia characterized by the absence of the cerebellar vermis. The visual psychophysical task involved localizing a target and ignoring a distractor appearing either before, at the same time as, or after the target. It allowed us to assess reactivity(More)
We report the case of a 33-year-old pregnant woman. The third-trimester ultrasound scan during pregnancy revealed fetal bilateral ventricular dilatation, macrosomia and a transverse diameter of the cerebellum at the 30th centile. A brain MRI scan at 31 weeks of gestation led to a diagnosis of hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis without hemisphere(More)
Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon can be encountered in the perinatal period. No consensus exists regarding prenatal management. We report one prenatal case leading to therapeutic abortion and one neonatal case, successfully treated by a multimodal therapy. Prenatal counseling should include the possibility of neonatal multimodal treatment that can lead to(More)