Laurent Grélot

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The first aim of this study was to verify the occurrence of the EMG threshold (EMG (Th)) in each of eight lower limb muscles (vastus lateralis [VL], vatus medialis [VM], rectus femoris [RF], semimembranosus [SM], biceps femoris [BF], gastrocnemius lateralis [GL] and medialis [GM], and tibialis anterior [TA]) during incremental cycling exercise. The second(More)
This study examined the combined effect of exercise induced hyperthermia and dehydration on neuromuscular function in human subjects. Six trained male runners ran for 40 min on a treadmill at 65% of their maximal aerobic velocity while wearing a tracksuit covered with an impermeable jacket and pants to impair the evaporation of sweat. These stressful(More)
The vestibular system is involved in maintaining stable blood pressure and respiration during changes in posture and is essential for eliciting motion sickness-related vomiting. Because the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) participates in the regulation of sympathetic and inspiratory outflow and the triggering of emesis, we tested the hypothesis that this(More)
The temporal relationship between the electromyographic (EMG) and ventilatory thresholds was investigated during incremental exercise performed by eight professional road cyclists. The exercise, performed on a cycloergometer, started at 100 W with successive increments of 26 W·min−1 until exhaustion. Gas exchange and the root mean square value of EMG (RMS)(More)
We used the expression of the immediate-early gene c-fos, a marker of neuronal activation, to localize brainstem neuronal populations functionally related to fictive cough (FC). In decerebrate, paralyzed, and ventilated cats, the level of Fos-like immunoreactivity (FLI) was examined in five groups of animals: (1) controls, sham-operated unstimulated(More)
Although a number of studies have been devoted to the analysis of the activity pattern of the muscles involved in pedaling in sedentary subjects and/or amateur cyclists, data on professional cyclists are scarce and the issue of inter-individual differences has never been addressed in detail. In the present series of experiments, we performed a non-invasive(More)
PURPOSE Aerobic training of professional road cyclists is linked to tremendous aerobic capacities that have never been clearly related to what occur in skeletal muscles submitted to a specific exercise. The aim of the present study was to examine specifically metabolic recovery after an incremental cycling exercise performed until exhaustion in professional(More)
An acute reduction of the oxygen supply to contracting muscles not only affects their metabolism but also modifies their sensorimotor control through changes in afferent discharge of the group I and group III-IV nerve fibers, the latter playing a pivotal role in the protective mechanisms against muscle fatigue. The effects of chronic hypoxemia on the muscle(More)
1. The patterns of membrane potential changes of phrenic motoneurons were compared during fictive vomiting, fictive coughing, and fictive swallowing in decerebrate, paralyzed cats. These fictive behaviors were identified by motor nerve discharge patterns similar to those recorded from the muscles of nonparalyzed animals. Phrenic motoneurons (n = 54) were(More)