Laurent Geneste

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Because of the current trend of integration and interoperability of industrial systems, their size and complexity continue to grow making it more difficult to analyze, to understand and to solve the problems that happen in their organizations. Continuous improvement methodologies are powerful tools in order to understand and to solve problems, to control(More)
Continuous improvement in industrial processes is increasingly a key element of competitiveness for industrial systems. The management of experience feedback in this framework is designed to build, analyze and facilitate the knowledge sharing among problem solving practitioners of an organization in order to improve processes and products achievement.(More)
To take into account the experience feedback on solving complex problems in business is deemed as a way to improve the quality of products and processes. Only a few academic works, however, are concerned with the representation and the instrumentation of experience feedback systems. We propose, in this paper, a model of experiences and mechanisms to use(More)
Within the customer–subcontractor negotiation process, the first problem of the subcontractor is to provide the customer with a reliable order lead-time although his workload is partially uncertain. Actually, a part of the subcontractor workload is composed of orders under negotiation which can be either confirmed or cancelled. Fuzzy logic and possibility(More)