Laurent Gargiulo

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This work concerns the development of an ITER relevant advanced robotic systems for fusion reactor. The feasibility demonstration will be performed on the thermonuclear experimental Tokamak: Tore Supra, located in Cadarache facilities. The manipulator developed by the interactive robotics unit of CEA-LIST will be used for close inspection intervention tasks(More)
The Interactive Robotics Laboratory of CEA LIST is in charge of the development of remote technologies in order to meet the energy industry requirements. This paper reports the recent Research & Development activities in advanced remote systems for inspection or light intervention in hazardous environment with limited access as blind hot cells in(More)
On fusion experimental reactors, in-vessel remote operations will be mandatory to allow maintenance interventions and limit personal radiation exposures. In addition, mini-invasive robotics inspections will be required between plasma pulses for safety issues management or to assist the scientific programs. These remote-controlled devices will have to offer(More)
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