Laurent Frisch

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Gonadotropin-independent precocity (GIP) is a syndrome marked by precocious pubertal development in the absence of pubertal levels of gonadotropins. To investigate the discrete patterns of central nervous system, gonadal, adrenal, and skeletal maturation in this syndrome, we conducted longitudinal studies spanning up to 10 yr in two such affected(More)
We studied the variation in plasma insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) concentrations in unrestrained, cannulated rats. To detect rapid changes, 6 rats were sampled every 15 min for 6 h. Plasma was assayed for growth hormone (GH), and for IGF-I before and after acid-ethanol (AE) extraction to reduce the masking effect of plasma binding proteins. AE(More)
Severe symptomatic hypomagnesemia (0.15 mmol/L [0.3 mEq/L]) and hypocalcemia (1.47 mmol/L [5.9 mg/dL]) occurred in a 4-week-old infant coincidental with correction of a severe renal tubular acidosis with alkali therapy. The patient had no evidence of gastrointestinal abnormality and magnesium (Mg) intake was adequate for age and weight. Extreme renal(More)
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