Laurent Freund

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Continuous advances in processor and ASIC technologies enable the integration of more and more complex embedded systems. Embedded systems have become commonplace in recent years. Since their implementations generally require the use of heterogeneous resources (e.g., processor cores, ASICs) in one system with hard design constraints, the importance of (More)
This paper presents an approach allowing communication optimization during the hardware-software partitioning task. Our methodology focuses on systems represented by a data flow graph whose nodes are elements of libraries. To abstract the communication constraints, we include communication nodes in this graph. Consequently, assignment and scheduling of(More)
Smartphones, whose market share has increased by 54% between 2009 and 2010, is one of the favored platform for “Convergence Computing”. Convergence Computing is a technology in which a single device can provide various services without any restrictions from external devices or networks. Today, smartphones as convergent single device have(More)
Hardware/Software codesign approaches consist generally in Hw/Sw partitioning and scheduling, constrained code generation, hardware and interface synthesis. This paper presents the codesign of an industrial experiment in acoustic echo cancellation (GMDFa algorithm) and emphasizes the partitioning and communication synthesis steps. This experiment points out(More)
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