Laurent Fiack

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A recent trend in several robotics tasks is to consider vision as the primary sense to perceive the environment or to interact with humans. Therefore, vision processing becomes a central and challenging matter for the design of real-time control architectures. We follow in this paper a biological inspiration to propose a real-time and embedded control(More)
The advent of massively parallel many-core architectures on a chip can be considered as a good opportunity to rethink the classical computation model used for several decades and that now shows some limitations to follow both the potential and the usage of new technologies. In this paper, the way explored to study new solutions is directly inspired from(More)
Most of the robot behaviors are based on visual sensing and perception. This paper describes a smart camera composed of a full-hardware vision architecture coupled with an embedded camera sensor. The hardware architecture corresponds to low-level visual perception processes. The integration of such a system onto the robot enables not only to accelerate the(More)
Adaptive Hardware Systems can rely on software or hardware adaptation. Software adaptation can be globally assimilated to mode switching, either at a technological or hardware level (DVFS, Idle processor mode ...), or at the application level (bandwidth adaptation in telecommunication, multispectral cameras, ...). Hardware adaptation corresponds to a deeper(More)
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