Laurent Dussopt

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Several linearly-polarized and circularly-polarized transmit-arrays are designed and demonstrated in the 60-GHz band. These arrays have a fairly simple structure with three metal layers and are fabricated with a standard printed-circuit board technology. The simulation method is based on an electromagnetic model of the focal source and the unit-cells,(More)
A fully integrated WirelessHD compatible 60-GHz transceiver module in 65-nm CMOS process is presented, covering the four standard channels. The silicon die is flip-chipped on top of a low-cost HTCC module which also includes an external 65-nm CMOS PA and large beamwidth antennas targeting industrial manufacturability. The module achieves a 16QAM OFDM(More)
This paper investigates terahertz detectors fabricated in a low-cost 130 nm silicon CMOS technology. We show that the detectors consisting of a nMOS field effect transistor as rectifying element and an integrated bow-tie coupling antenna achieve a record responsivity above 5 kV/W and a noise equivalent power below 10 pW/Hz(0.5) in the important atmospheric(More)
The exponential increase of mobile data traffic requires disrupting approaches for the realization of future 5G systems. In this article, we overview the technologies that will pave the way for a novel cellular architecture that integrates high-data-rate access and backhaul networks based on millimeter-wave frequencies (57-66, 71-76, and 81-86 GHz). We(More)
A micro-electro-mechanical series (MEMS)-switched parasitic antenna array providing radiation pattern diversity is described. A new modeling method is introduced in order to allow a fast and accurate optimization of the antenna. This method is demonstrated with the design of both passive and active prototypes at 5.6 GHz. The active prototype makes use of(More)
A novel method for designing quadrature oscillators is presented. The technique is based on differential coupling at the second harmonic frequency of two separate oscillators. The desired coupling is obtained using an integrated transformer which is attached to the common-mode nodes of two differential oscillators. A 900 MHz prototype has been implemented(More)
An electronically reconfigurable unit cell with 1-bit phase quantization (0&#x00B0;/180&#x00B0;) is proposed for <i>X</i>-band linear polarization transmit arrays. It consists of two rectangular patch antennas loaded by U- and O-slots and connected by a metallized via-hole. The transmission phase is controlled using two p-i-n diode switches integrated in(More)
This paper presents state-of-the-art RF microelectromechanical (MEMS) phase shifters at 75-110 GHz based on the distributed microelectromechanical transmission-line (DMTL) concept. A 3-bit DMTL phase shifter, fabricated on a glass substrate using MEMS switches and coplanar-waveguide lines, results in an average loss of 2.7 dB at 78 GHz (0.9 dB/bit). The(More)
A 60 GHz cavity-backed antenna array integrated on high-resistivity silicon is demonstrated. The antenna design makes use of Through-Silicon-Vias (TSV), silicon micromachining, and wafer-to-wafer bonding to meet the bandwidth and radiation gain requirements for short-range multi-Gbps communications. The fabrication process is presented. Simulated and(More)
A low-loss 2-bit wide-band distributed microelectromechanical system transmission line (DMTL) phase shifter has been developed on a 500 ¿m glass substrate for W-band operation. The coplanar waveguide (CPW) design is periodically loaded by MEMS switches in series with high-Q MAM (Metal-Air-Metal) capacitors, and shows a reflection coefficient better than -11(More)