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The software evolution is a challenge for engineers. In fact, the high complexity of software makes it dif-cult to perform the software changes. The changes may cause serious damage to the information system. Within the information system cooperating by the way of federation, the eeects are more criticals. It appears necessary to provide tools that support(More)
This paper deals with the change impact analysis for software architectures evolution. Some approaches have been proposed for integrating the evolution issue at the architectural level. However, none of these studies the impact assessment between the software architecture and its related source code. To deal with that, we propose a model, called ASCM(More)
In this paper, we propose a formal model and a platform for software change management. The model is based on graphs rewriting, and deal with both multi-language source codes and heterogeneous database schemas. These are represented by software components linked by meaningful relationships. The change impact analysis is done, using a Knowledge-Based System,(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach and a framework for an a priori change impact analysis of database schemas, in federated environment. The approach is based on a model, that describes program source codes and database schemas as software components linked by meaningfully relationships. This model takes into account the software components for both(More)
An exhaustive software description is required for better understanding and analysis of different impacts of intended change. A change applied on a software artefact can propagate its impact on several other components of whole system. This impact can be considered from structural, qualitative, functional, logical, or behavioural point of view. In this(More)