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Virulence in the opportunistic human pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa is controlled by cell density via diffusible signalling molecules ('autoinducers') of the N-acylhomoserine lactone (AHL) type. Two Bacillus sp. isolates (A23 and A24) with AHL-degrading activity were identified among a large collection of rhizosphere bacteria. From isolate A24 a gene was(More)
OPL is a modeling language for mathematical programming and combinatorial optimization problems. It is the rst modeling language to combine high-level algebraic and set notations from model-ing languages with a rich constraint language and the ability to specify search procedures and strategies that is the essence of constraint programming. In addition, OPL(More)
Automating the scheduling of sport leagues has received considerable attention in recent years, as these applications involve significant revenues and generate challenging combina-torial optimization problems. This paper considers the traveling tournament problem (TTP) which abstracts the salient features of major league baseball (MLB) in the United States.(More)
Despite its widespread usage, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) specification still lacks formal, explicit, support for access control. This paper proposes an approach to model security as a separate concern by augmenting UML with separate and new diagrams for role-based, discretionary, and mandatory access controls; collectively, these diagrams provide(More)
Helios is the first (to our knowledge) modeling language for global optimization using interval analysis. Helios makes it possible to state global optimization problems almost as in scientific papers and textbooks and is guaranteed to find all isolated solutions in constraint-solving problems and all global optima in optimization problems. Helios statements(More)
The uncapacitated warehouse location problem (UWLP) is a heavily studied combinatorial optimization problem, which has been tackled by various approaches, such as linear-programming branch and bound, genetic algorithms, and local search. This paper presents an simple, yet robust and efficient, tabu search algorithm for the UWLP. The algorithm was evaluated(More)