Laurent Coret

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The issue of deriving cross-scale aggregation rules has been extensively investigated over the last two decades. A widely used approach consists of formulating grid-scale surface radiances using the same equations that govern the patch-scale behavior but whose arguments are the aggregate expressions of those at the patch-scale. This approach derives the(More)
Soil moisture retrieval models from the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission, which is an L-band microwave interferometer, are based on multiangular measurements and make use of the emissivity angular signature. Mountainous areas modify local incidence angles, implying significant impacts on brightness temperatures and, consequently, on soil(More)
A new algorithm is proposed to detect small objects by background suppression. It relies on a modified version of the nonlocal means filter introduced by Buades et al. for background prediction. Background pixels are estimated by a weighted average depending on the similarity between neighborhoods pixels. For background suppression, the similarity criterion(More)
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