Laurent Chuat

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The level of trust accorded to certification authorities has been decreasing over the last few years as several cases of misbehavior and compromise have been observed. Log-based approaches, such as Certificate Transparency, ensure that fraudulent TLS certificates become publicly visible. However, a key element that log-based approaches still lack is a way(More)
In a public-key infrastructure (PKI), clients must have an efficient and secure way to determine whether a certificate was revoked (by an entity considered as legitimate to do so), while preserving user privacy. A few certification authorities (CAs) are currently responsible for the issuance of the large majority of TLS certificates. These certificates are(More)
Although TLS is used on a daily basis by many critical applications, the public-key infrastructure that it relies on still lacks an adequate revocation mechanism. An ideal revocation mechanism should be inexpensive, efficient, secure, and privacypreserving. Moreover, rising trends in pervasive encryption pose new scalability challenges that a modern(More)
Multipath communication not only allows improved throughput but can also be used to leverage different path characteristics to best fulfill each application's objective. In particular, certain delay-sensitive applications, such as real-time voice and video communications, can usually withstand packet loss and aim to maximize throughput while keeping latency(More)
Wireless personal area network is a personal area network a network for interconnecting devices centered around an individual person's work space in which the connections are wireless. Typically, a wireless personal area network uses some technology that permits communication within about 10 meters i.e a very short range. One such technology is Bluetooth,(More)
The Internet has been successful beyond even the most optimistic expectations. It permeates and intertwines with almost all aspects of our society and economy. The success of the Internet has created a dependency on communication as many of the processes underpinning the foundations of modern society would grind to a halt should communication become(More)
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