Laurent Christophe

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—Functional testing requires executing particular sequences of user actions. Test automation tools enable scripting user actions such that they can be repeated more easily. SE-LENIUM, for instance, enables testing web applications through scripts that interact with a web browser and assert properties about its observable state. However, little is known(More)
Context-oriented programming enables the composition of behavioral adaptations into a running software system. Behavioral adaptations provide the most appropriate behavior of a system when their contexts are activated or deactivated, according to the situations at hand in the system's execution environment. Behavioral adaptations can be defined by(More)
JavaScript has become a popular programming language. However, its highly dynamic nature encumbers static analysis for quality assurance purposes. Only dynamic techniques such as concolic testing seem to cope. Often, these involve an instrumentation phase in which source code is extended with analysis-specific concerns. The corresponding implementations(More)
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