Laurent Broto

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Fault tolerance in cloud computing platforms and applications is a crucial issue. This issue is especially difficult since cloud computing relies by nature on a complex splitting into many layers. From a technical point of view, most cloud computing platforms exploit virtualization, which implies that they are split into 3 layers: hosts, virtual machines(More)
Distributed software environments are increasingly complex and difficult to manage, as they integrate various legacy software with specific management interfaces. Moreover, the fact that management tasks are performed by humans leads to many configuration errors and low reactivity. This is particularly true in medium or large-scale distributed(More)
Self-protection refers to the ability for a system to detect illegal behaviors and to fight-back intrusions with counter-measures. This article presents the design, the implementation, and the evaluation of a self-protected system which targets clustered distributed applications. Our approach is based on the structural knowledge of the cluster and of the(More)
Current computing platforms become more and more complex for users to use. To simplify configuration and deployment of applications on these infrastructures tools are necessary. Current deployment tools lack of maturity for large-scale deployment. For example a grid environment leads to a great diversity. Deploying an application on a grid from a single(More)
Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are increasingly used in software engineering and other domains. The result is an increasing need of appropriate DSL's tools, especially platform for building, editors and runtime associated with DSLs. Different experiences show that existent DSL tools are generally not user friendly enough, or simply unadapted for the(More)
Nowadays, virtualization is present in almost all computing infrastructures. Thanks to VM migration and server consolidation, virtualization helps reducing power consumption in distributed environments. On another side, Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) allows servers to dynamically modify the processor frequency (according to the CPU load) in(More)
An essential component in public administration (health systems management, municipality management, environmental protection, agriculture etc.) is the data collection service. Data collected concerns key information that can improve the living conditions of populations (epidemiological data, environmental data, weather data etc.). This collection is(More)
The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) defines a model for developing multi-tier distributed applications, such as e-commerce applications. Such applications are typically composed of a web server, a servlet server, optionally an EJB server and a database server. Clusters allow replication of each tier instance, thus providing an appropriate(More)
Virtualized cloud infrastructures are very popular as they allow resource mutualization and therefore cost reduction. For cloud providers, minimizing the number of used resources is one of the main services that such environments must ensure. Cloud customers are also concerned with the minimization of used resources in the cloud since they want to reduce(More)