Laurent Bousquet

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This paper aims to link the spectral and directional variations of the leaf Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) by differentiating specular and diffuse components. To do this, BRDF of laurel (Prunus laurocesarus), European beech (Fagus silvatica) and hazel (Corylus avellana) leaves were measured at 400 wavelengths evenly spaced over the(More)
The Mer de Glace and Argentiegravere glaciers are located in the Mont Blanc region, French Alps. They are temperate glaciers and their velocity flow is about one hundred meters a year (~270 mm a day). This paper presents a use of synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) interferogram obtained from the two European Remote-Sensing satellites (ERS1-2) to measure the(More)
Progress in dosimetry and in radiobiology together with the evolution of radiation generators led to adopt very elaborated radiotherapy protocols. However, the therapist should have confidence in these protocols on condition that irradiation parameters are strictly respected. For obvious reasons, this is impossible despite the meticulous rules. In this,(More)
This work presents an approach for including energy consumption information in high-level modeling of active linear electrical circuits. The method introduced here proposes to start from a description of the system at a high-level of abstraction (transfer function or state space model) and refine it in order to generate the electrical circuit corresponding,(More)
This paper presents an approach for high-level modeling of electromechanical systems. The proposed methodology starts from a low-level description and generate automatically the corresponding bond-graph model. The following steps consist on finding a behavioral model such as a state space representation which is enriched with the information needed to(More)
In pharmacokinetic models used to describe the behavior of drugs in living organisms, generally neither the amount of drug flowing in pipes between compartments nor the transfer delay between the plasma-lymph exchange areas and a site of measurement are taken into account. Several former publications dealt with exchanges between two or more different organs(More)
SystemC-AMS allows the modeling of complex heterogeneous systems at different levels of abstraction using different modeling styles, called Models of Computation (MoC). This work presents an approach for including energy consumption information in high-level modeling of linear electrical circuits described using the SystemC-AMS Linear Signal Flow (LSF) MoC.(More)
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