Laurent Bonnet

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How can we connect two brains to a video game by means of a brain-computer interface (BCI), and what will happen when we do so? How will the two users behave, and how will they perceive this novel common experience? In this paper, we are concerned with the design and evaluation of multiuser BCI applications. We created a multiuser videogame called(More)
Data aggregation is one of the key features used in databases, especially for Business Intelligence (e.g., ETL, OLAP) and analytics/data mining. When considering SQL databases, aggregation is used to prepare and visualize data for deeper analyses. However, these operations are often impossible on very large volumes of data regarding(More)
Pretreatment of milk with either sodium or calcium polystyrene sulfonate resins is useful in limiting potassium dietary intake in children with renal failure. We therefore studied the in vitro effects of Kayexalate and Calcium Sorbisterit on potassium, sodium and calcium concentrations in 3 standard formulas and in human milk. It is concluded that wide(More)
Samples of air and corresponding wastewater samples were taken at wastewater spray-irrigated fields. The concentrations of salmonellae and enteroviruses present in these samples were determined and compared with those of coliforms, and the ratios between them were calculated. The most common Salmonella serotype in the air was Salmonella ohio, whereas in the(More)
We introduce novel interactive techniques to simulate the sensation of walking up and down in immersive virtual worlds based on visual feedback. Our method consists in modifying the motion of the virtual subjective camera while the user is really walking in an immersive virtual environment. The modification of the virtual viewpoint is a function of the(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) is an anabolic hormone promoting protein synthesis in various tissues. Therefore, changes in body composition may be expected during rhGH treatment. METHODS We studied changes in body composition during two years of rhGH treatment in 21 children after at least one year with a functioning renal transplant.(More)
Mastication is a complex sensory-motor activity whereby a food product is transformed into a bolus. Consumers mainly perceive the sensory properties of the food during the intra-oral manipulation of the product. Consequently, the quality of the chewing process could have consequences on the perception of sensory properties and food choice. By focusing on(More)
Monolithic pectin aerogels, aeropectins, were prepared via dissolution-gelation-coagulation and subsequent drying with supercritical CO2. Aeropectin had pore sizes that varied from mesopores to small macropores and compression moduli in the range from 4 to 18 MPa. Aeropectins show plastic deformation up to 60% strain before the pore walls collapse. Pectin(More)
Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) allow the direct human-computer interaction without the need of motor intervention. To properly and efficiently decode brain signals into computer commands the application of machine-learning techniques is required. Evolutionary algorithms have been increasingly applied in different steps of BCI implementations. In this(More)