Laurent Bobelin

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Conducting experiments in large-scale distributed systems is usually time-consuming and labor-intensive. Uncontrolled external load variation prevents to reproduce experiments and such systems are often not available to the purpose of research experiments, e.g. production or yet to deploy systems. Hence, many researchers in the area of distributed computing(More)
Identifying and inferring performances of a network topology is a well known problem. Achieving this by using only end-to-end measurements at the application level is a method known as network tomography. When the topology produced reflects capacities of sets of links with respect to a metric, the topology is called a Metric-Induced Network Topology (MINT).(More)
Nowadays grids connect up to thousands communicating resources that may interact in a partially or totally coordinated way. Consequently, applications running upon this kind of platform often involve massively concurrent bulk data transfers. In order to optimize overall completion times, those transfers have to be scheduled based on knowledge about network(More)
—Experiments play an important role in parallel and distributed computing. Simulation is a common experimental technique that relies on abstractions of the tested application and execution environment but offers reproducibility of results and fast exploration of numerous scenarios. This article focuses on setting up the experimental environment of a(More)
Enforcing security properties in a Cloud is a difficult task, which requires expertise. However, it is not the only security-related challenge met by a company migrating to a Cloud environment. Indeed, the tenant must also have assurance that the requested security properties have effectively been enforced. Therefore, the Cloud provider has to offer a way(More)
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