Laurent Bertrand

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Infection with herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) typically results in the formation of cold sores; however, in individuals with a compromised immune system the infection can be severe. The virus life cycle is characterized by two distinct phases: a lytic replication phase occurring in mucous membranes, and a latent state that is established in neurons of the(More)
In the embryonic CNS, preformed pathways precede the growth of axonal fasciculi [Katz M. J. and Lasek R. J. (1980) Cell Motil. 1, 141-157; Katz M. J. et al. (1980) Neuroscience 5, 821-833]. What are the developmental events that lead to the elaboration of these preformed pathways? To answer this question, we investigated the organization of the primitive(More)
During embryogenesis, the fiber tracts grow in a highly stereotyped pattern. A very small number of predetermined paths, preceding the growth of fasciculi, are present in the young neural tube (10-12, 15). What is the origin of these substrate pathways defined by Katz et al. (16) as "... a set of similar guidance cues which are aligned in a continuous(More)
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