Laurent Beaudou

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A special case of a combinatorial theorem of De Bruijn and Erdős asserts that every noncollinear set of n points in the plane determines at least n distinct lines. Chen and Chvátal suggested a possible generalization of this assertion in metric spaces with appropriately defined lines. We prove this generalization in all metric spaces induced by connected(More)
One of the De Bruijn Erdős theorems deals with finite hypergraphs where every two vertices belong to precisely one hyperedge. It asserts that, except in the perverse case where a single hyperedge equals the whole vertex set, the number of hyperedges is at least the number of vertices and the two numbers are equal if and only if the hypergraph belongs to one(More)
The planarity of the direct product of two graphs has been widely studied in the past. Surprisingly, the missing part is the product with K2, which seems to be less predictible. In this piece of work, we characterize which subdivisions of multipartite complete graphs, have their direct product with K2 planar. This can be seen as a step towards the(More)
We present a necessary and sufficient condition for a graph of odd-girth 2k + 1 to bound the class of K4-minor-free graphs of odd-girth (at least) 2k + 1, that is, to admit a homomorphism from any such K4-minor-free graph. This yields a polynomial-time algorithm to recognize such bounds. Using this condition, we first prove that every K4-minor free graph of(More)