Laurent Aubouy

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We report a molecular engineering study on optical, structural and electrical properties of seven silole derivates aiming at enhancing the balance of charge carrier in single-layer devices. By functionalizing two hole-transporting groups, dipyridylamine or anthracene, on the silole ring, we have investigated the influence of both entity types on the hole(More)
Enhancement in the performance of Silicon solar cell can be achieved via luminescent down-shifting (LDS) of the incident light. Lumogen Violet dye and Tb(ant)3.2H2O complex were characterized to determine their suitability for inclusion in LDS layers. LDS layer characterization techniques are discussed and preliminary results from PV cell/LDS layer devices(More)
The incorporation of small amounts of nanofillers in polymeric matrices has enabled new applications in several industrial sectors. The nanofiller dispersion can be improved by modifying the nanomaterial (NM) surface or predispersing the NMs to enhance compatibility. This study evaluates the effect of these compatibilization strategies on migration/release(More)
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