Laurens Lemaire

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model is converted into input for a formal reasoning tool. This tool contains a logic theory which is used for the vulnerability extraction. The rules in this logic theory are inferred from the ICS-CERT vulnerability database and ICS security standards. Once the vulnerabilities have been extracted, they are included in the SysML diagrams of the model. The(More)
Industrial generators are increasingly often connected to networks to allow users to remotely control them. This greatly improves the usability, but it also introduces additional security risks. This work investigates the security considerations that must be taken into account when remotely accessing these generators. Three different remote access(More)
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are used for monitoring and controlling critical infrastructures such as power stations, waste water treatment facilities, traffic lights, and many more. Lately, these systems have become a popular target for cyber-attacks. Security is often an afterthought, leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. This article(More)
The security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) has become an important topic. Attacks such as the Stuxnet worm have shown that inadequately protecting control systems could have disastrous consequences for society. Our research focuses on the creation of a tool that aims to enhance the security of Industrial Control Systems. It will be possible for system(More)
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