Laurence Stechly

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We have previously reported that galectin-4, a tandem repeat-type galectin, regulates the raft-dependent delivery of glycoproteins to the apical brush border membrane of enterocyte-like HT-29 cells. N-Acetyllactos-amine-containing glycans, known as galectin ligands, were found enriched in detergent-resistant membranes. Here, we analyzed the potential(More)
BACKGROUND Activator protein-2alpha (AP-2alpha) is a transcription factor that belongs to the family of AP-2 proteins that have essential roles in tumorigenesis. Indeed, AP-2alpha is considered as a tumour-suppressor gene in different tissues such as colonic, prostatic or breast epithelial cells. Moreover, AP-2alpha also participates in the control of colon(More)
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