Laurence S. Wilson

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The aim of this paper is to develop accurate and reliable methods for automated detection of the edges of the lung by a knowledge-based approach. First, the system initialises the ROI(Region Of Interest) using 'unseeded region growing' algorithm. Then IPE(Image Processing Engine) generates candidates within the ROI. The candidates are matched to an(More)
This paper introduces a new method to analyse the image texture and to index the image database. We present a new strategy to reduce the computational time to extract image features with high retrieval accuracy. We also propose a method to reduce the image feature dimension, so any robust indexing methods can be used. By weighting the extracted image(More)
OBJECTIVES Healthcare is now routinely delivered by telecommunications-based services in all developed countries and an increasing number of developing countries. Telemedicine is used in many clinical specialities and across numerous healthcare settings, which range from mobile patient-centric applications to complex interactions amongst clinicians in(More)