Laurence Perbal

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T he history of modernity is a story about humans emancipating themselves from prejudice and superstition through reason and science. Scientific research has been a major driving force of progress for human civilization since the industrial revolution in the mid-18 century. During the past 250 years, humans have rapidly increased their use of science, as a(More)
Dozens of private companies have emerged in 2005, with the commercial purpose of offering the public a wide variety of personal genetic tests - direct-to-consumer personal genome tests. Simultaneously, a collaborative research initiative on individual sequencing - the Personal Genome Project - was born in Harvard University, then online. This text provides(More)
In modern societies, rhetoric focused on body and health is common as biomedical sciences have taken a big place in people's lives. They must enhance the society, health and living conditions of citizens. Solving criminality problems remains a major challenge and the early detection of antisocial children - future offenders - promises to offer a solution to(More)
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