Laurence Perbal

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The 'gene of' is a teleosemantic expression that conveys a simplistic and linear relationship between a gene and a phenotype. Throughout the 20th century, geneticists studied these genes of traits. The studies were often polemical when they concerned human traits: the 'crime gene', 'poverty gene', 'IQ gene', 'gay gene' or 'gene of alcoholism'. Quite(More)
Dozens of private companies have emerged in 2005, with the commercial purpose of offering the public a wide variety of personal genetic tests - direct-to-consumer personal genome tests. Simultaneously, a collaborative research initiative on individual sequencing - the Personal Genome Project - was born in Harvard University, then online. This text provides(More)
In modern societies, rhetoric focused on body and health is common as biomedical sciences have taken a big place in people's lives. They must enhance the society, health and living conditions of citizens. Solving criminality problems remains a major challenge and the early detection of antisocial children - future offenders - promises to offer a solution to(More)
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