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"Vaccine hesitancy" is a concept now frequently used in vaccination discourse. The increased popularity of this concept in both academic and public health circles is challenging previously held perspectives that individual vaccination attitudes and behaviours are a simple dichotomy of accept or reject. A consultation study was designed to assess the(More)
Figure 4-1: A Northern Vietnamese woman draws water from a jar upon which is written the slogan, " Do not Drink Untreated Water " (Không uống nước lã) Figure 4-2: The drawing demonstrates the presence of pathogens that could be found on the human hand Figure 4-3: A health worker discusses eye diseases, particularly trachoma, with a group of Northern(More)
Neurasthenia remains an important health problem in certain Asian populations, both in Asia as well as in a diasporic context. An anachronistic disease for Western observers, it has become an exotic culture-bound syndrome as well as a somatoform disorder too often hiding much more serious issues of depression. This article approaches this 'problematic'(More)
Since World War II, industrialized Western societies have been making significant public investments that have yielded spectacular improvements in the health status of their populations. Yet despite such considerable strides, it is nonetheless evident that lay peoples are expressing both more scepticism than in the past and greater mistrust toward medical(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension holds a unique place in population health and health care because it is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and the most common noncommunicable condition seen in primary care worldwide. Without effective prevention and control, raised blood pressure significantly increases the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, chronic(More)
At a time of growing interest in integrative approaches to health and care, this article examines, from a historical perspective, the factors underlying the global popularity of so-called complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). Focusing on the multiple and changing meanings of the concepts used with reference to CAM since the nineteenth century, it(More)
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