Laurence M. Williams

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A hierarchical computer architecture design and simulation environment (HASE) has been developed at the University of Edinburgh. HASE allows rapid development and exploration of computer architectures at multiple levels of abstraction, encompassing both hardware and software. It has five modes of operation (Design, Model Validation, Build Simulation,(More)
The operation of a computer can be conceptualised as a large, discrete and constantly changing set of state information. However even for the simplest uni-processor the data set of such a model is very large and is subject to rapid change. We show how HASE provides an interactive animated display of a given computer system’s components allowing(More)
The Integrated Learning Support Environment (ILSE) for Computer Architecture provides structured on-line access to a large body of text and diagrams in which the diagrams (a) remain visible on-screen even when the text is scrolled, (b) may in some cases be animated to provide a visual demonstration of activities occurring within a computer system. It uses a(More)
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