Laurence Leneveut

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BACKGROUND Many preventable diseases such as ischemic heart diseases and breast cancer prevail at a large scale in the general population. Computerized decision support systems are one of the solutions for improving the quality of prevention strategies. METHODS The system called EsPeR (Personalized Estimate of Risks) combines calculation of several risks(More)
Despite initiatives to standardize methods for the development of clinical guidelines, several barriers hinder their integration in daily clinical practice: failure to fulfil quality criteria, poor effectiveness of their dissemination. Computerization of guidelines can favor their dissemination. The initial step of computerization is the knowledge(More)
Introduction-L'évaluation de la satisfaction des utilisateurs doit être effectuée régulièrement lors des différentes phases de déploiement d'un système d'information clinique (SIC). Cet article compare, en période de post-adoption tardive, la satisfaction des utilisateurs dans les trois hôpitaux du groupe hospitalier (GH) universitaire Paris-Ouest (HUPO),(More)
PURPOSE The evaluation of end-user satisfaction is an essential part of any clinical information system (CIS) project. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the determinants of CIS continuance intention in a late post-adoption phase at the Georges Pompidou University Hospital (HEGP) in Paris. METHODS We designed an electronic survey instrument based on(More)
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