Laurence Langevin

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Impaired linear growth has been reported in patients treated during childhood with allogeneic stem cell transplantation and fractionated total body irradiation (fTBI). The objective of this study was to determine the final height and body mass index (BMI) achieved. Forty-nine patients with leukemia were included and surveyed for more than 5 years. Median(More)
The authors demonstrate the effects of hyperoxemia in dogs subjected to extracorporeal circulation. Arterial Po2 was maintained between 100 and 140 mm Hg in a control group and above 200 mm Hg in another group. There was no morbidity or mortality in these experiments. Postoperative functional status as well as hematological and biochemical data were similar(More)
Jaundice is a frequent clinical sign among healthy term newborns. A rigorous clinical assessment is crucial in order to recognise haemolytic, infectious and metabolic diseases. The use of the transcutaneous jaundice-meter in decision-making, and the phototherapy principles and applications, are discussed. Intensive phototherapy allows a rapid decrease in(More)
Major challenge in paediatric palliative home care is to anticipate management of future events. In our opinion, one of major approach is to avoid medical futility especially resuscitation attempts in terminally-ill children especially if home care will be organized. We therefore prospectively discussed with proxi what should be attempted (e.g. treat(More)
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