Laurence H. Kedes

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We have built a knowledge-based genetic engineering simulation system-- GENESIS-- capable of representing both domain-specific and general knowledge. Information is stored within a hierarchically-organized framework composed of structures called units. A series of sophisticated editors enables no-computer specialist molecular geneticists to construct a(More)
This paper describes briefly the BIONET National Computer Resource for Molecular Biology. This presentation is intended as information for scientists in molecular biology and related disciplines who require access to computational methods for sequence analysis. We describe the goals, and the service and research opportunities offered to the community by(More)
The MAXAMIZE advisory system determines from user-provided restriction maps an optimal strategy to do nucleotide sequencing by methods involving end-labeled fragments. The maps may be either simple linear restriction maps of fragments or complex circular maps including restriction sites of a vector. The whole system is interactive and is written in the(More)
We have developed an automated system for management of DNA sequencing projects. The system, named GEL, can handle data from both random sequences and from fragments whose relative positions are known. The system is highly interactive, self-documenting, and forgiving; it is designed for use by computer-naive molecular biologists. An editor designed(More)
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