Laurence Guerin

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Grape canes are byproducts of viticulture containing valuable bioactive stilbenoids including monomers and oligomers of E-resveratrol. Although effective contents in stilbenoids are known to be highly variable, the determining factors influencing this composition remain poorly understood. As stilbenoids are locally induced defense compounds in response to(More)
Strains of Influenza A representative of human, avian, swine and equine sources were examined for decay when in aerosol form. Strains having their origin in avian and equine hosts were considerably more resistant to decay. Strains derived from human and swine sources were less resistant and bore a similarity in this property.
trans-Resveratrol (1a) is a phytoalexin produced by plants in response to infections by pathogens. Its potential activity against clinically relevant opportunistic fungal pathogens has previously been poorly investigated. Evaluated herein are the candidacidal activities of oligomers (2a, 3-5) of 1a purified from Vitis vinifera grape canes and several(More)
Grape canes are vineyard waste products containing valuable phytochemicals of medicine and agriculture interest. Grape canes storage is critical for the accumulation of these bioactive compounds. In the present study, we investigated the changes in stilbenoid phytochemical composition during grape cane storage and the influence of the temperature on final(More)
The protective property of specific antibody against influenza PR8 associated with lactogammaglobulin was investigated. The antibody was given to groups of mice by the intramuscular and respiratory routes before exposure to adapted virus contained in aerosols of two concentrations, one being capable of killing all unprotected mice. A temporary, but(More)
Agri-food is one of the most important sectors of the industry and a major contributor to the global warming potential in Europe. Sustainability issues pose a huge challenge for this sector. In this context, a big issue is to be able to predict the multiscale dynamics of those systems using computing science. A robust predictive mathematical tool is(More)