Laurence Gruer

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OBJECTIVE To measure change in adult non-smokers' exposure to secondhand smoke in public and private places after smoke-free legislation was implemented in Scotland. DESIGN Repeat cross sectional survey. SETTING Scotland. PARTICIPANTS Scottish adults, aged 18 to 74 years, recruited and interviewed in their homes. INTERVENTION Comprehensive(More)
The close correspondence between energy intake and expenditure over prolonged time periods, coupled with an apparent protection of the level of body adiposity in the face of perturbations of energy balance, has led to the idea that body fatness is regulated via mechanisms that control intake and energy expenditure. Two models have dominated the discussion(More)
AIMS To compare psychiatric morbidity between 176 female drug users with lifetime involvement in prostitution (prostitutes) and 89 female drug users with no involvement (non-prostitutes) in Glasgow, Scotland. METHOD The Revised Clinical Interview Schedule (CIS-R) measured current neurotic symptoms. RESULTS Prostitutes were more likely to report adult(More)
This report describes the investigation and management of an unprecedented outbreak of severe illness among injecting drug users (IDUs) in Scotland during April to August 2000. IDUs with severe soft tissue inflammation were prospectively sought among acute hospitals and a mortuary in Scotland. Cases were categorised as definite or probable: probable cases(More)
AIMS This study aims to identify the physical harm associated with injecting drug use and examine the treatment-seeking behaviour of injecting drug users (IDUs). Specific attention is given to the factors associated with presentation and non-presentation of injecting-related problems. DESIGN Participants were interviewed by research staff using a(More)
Theatre is now widely used in HIV and AIDS education for young people. However, research concerning its effectiveness has largely been conducted without using comparison or control groups and there is little evidence that other types of intervention are more or less effective. The present study was designed to measure the effects of a theatre production on(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of tobacco smoking on the survival of men and women in different social positions. DESIGN A cohort observational study. SETTING Renfrew and Paisley, two towns in west central Scotland. PARTICIPANTS 8353 women and 7049 men aged 45-64 years recruited in 1972-6 (almost 80% of the population in this age group). The cohort(More)
AIMS To examine the association between recipient-sharing of needles and syringes and demographic characteristics, injecting behaviour and needle and syringe exchange utilisation. DESIGN Self-report data from serial cross-sectional surveys. SETTING Multiple street, needle and syringe exchange and drug treatment sites throughout Glasgow. PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking and consuming alcohol are both related to increased mortality risk. Their combined effects on cause-specific mortality were investigated in a prospective cohort study. METHODS Participants were 5771 men aged 35-64, recruited during 1970-73 from various workplaces in Scotland. Data were obtained from a questionnaire and a screening(More)