Laurence Goodby

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New portable signal-processing applications such as mobile telephony, wireless computing, and personal digital assistants place stringent power consumption limits on their constituent components. Substantial power savings can be realized if 5 V designs are translated to use the new lower supply voltage standards. This conversion, however, is not achieved(More)
The testability of basic DSP datapath structures using pseudoran-dom built-in self-test techniques is examined. The addition of variance mismatched signals is identified as a testing problem, and the associated fault detection probabilities are derived in terms of signal probability distributions. A method of calculating these distributions is described,(More)
—Test issues in application-specific digital filter data-paths are investigated. It is found that such designs can contain hundreds of redundant faults, making it difficult to accurately determine fault coverage. Since these redundant faults tend to appear in the same general location as test-resistant faults, the presence of many redundant faults can hide(More)
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