Laurence G. Branch

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This study was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of forecasting functional health for the elderly. Using life-table techniques, we analyzed the expected remaining years of functional well-being, in terms of the activities of daily living, for noninstitutionalized elderly people living in Massachusetts in 1974. The expected years, or active life(More)
The Internet (electronic mail and the World Wide Web) may provide new opportunities for communication that can help older adults avoid social isolation. This randomized controlled trial assessed the psychosocial impact of providing Internet access to older adults over a five-month period. One hundred volunteers from four congregate housing sites and two(More)
Evaluation of physical functioning plays a valuable role in clinical geriatrics as well as in aging research. Physical functioning has generally been assessed through self- or proxy-report. An important addition to this form of assessment is the use of performance measures of physical function, in which individuals are asked to actually perform specific(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS Persons of low socioeconomic status are known to have reduced life expectancy. In a study of the relation of socioeconomic status to disability-free or active life expectancy among older persons, we analyzed prospectively gathered data on 2219 blacks and 1838 whites who were 65 years of age or older in the Piedmont region of North(More)
The Framingham Disability Study (FDS), a recent component of the Heart Disease Epidemiological Study in Framingham, Massachusetts, was designed to investigate the nature and magnitude of disability among non-institutionalized elderly. From September 1976 through November 1978, 2,654 individuals aged 55 to 84 years from the original Framingham cohort were(More)
Active life expectancies (ALEs) were calculated using increment-decrement life table techniques for 10,000 Caucasian men and women from three geographic areas. This technique is more appropriate than the single decrement model originally used, and resulting ALE was substantially greater among initially independent men and women aged 65 years: from 9.3 for(More)
Levels of physical functioning reported by women aged 55 to 84 with incident breast cancer were compared to those reported by women of the same age without the disease. A total of 422 breast cancer patients, identified through the Metropolitan Detroit Cancer Surveillance System, were interviewed 3 and 12 months after diagnosis. Interviews with 478 controls(More)
Change in self-reported physical function was examined using baseline and 5 years of follow-up data between 1982 and 1991 from the four Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly studies. In East Boston, Massachusetts (n = 3,809), Iowa and Washington Counties, Iowa (n = 3,673), New Haven, Connecticut (n = 2,812), and North Carolina (n(More)
A statewide probability sample of 1,625 elders living in Massachusetts are studied prospectively to identify key determinants of long-term care (LTC) institutionalization. One-hundred forty-seven elders, 9 per cent of the original cohort, entered a LTC institution during the six-year investigation. Using logistic multiple regression, we examine the(More)