Laurence Dreyfus

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This Paper describes a study, which is, as part of the Transforming Musicology-Project, exploring the possibilities, problems and further perspectives of the use of digital libraries (amongst other digital technologies) on a musicological investigation focusing on the reception of Richard Wagner's leitmotifs. The main research interest is to achieve a(More)
Performance of a musical work potentially provides a rich source of multimedia material for future investigation, both for musicologists' study of reception and perception, and in improvement of computational methods applied to its analysis. This is particularly true of music theatre, where a traditional recording cannot sufficiently capture the ephemeral(More)
In this study we aim to understand listeners' real-time processing of musical leitmotives. We probe participants' memory for different leitmotives contained in a 10-minute passage from the opera Siegfried by Richard Wagner, and use item response theory to estimate parameters for item difficulty and for par-ticipants' individual recognition ability, as well(More)
The leitmotives in Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen serve a range of compositional and psychological functions, including the introduction of musical structure and mnemonic devices for the listener. Leitmotives in the Ring differ greatly in their construction, salient aspects (e.g. rhythmic, melodic, harmonic), and their usage in particular scenes(More)
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